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Roller Skating Resource Manual

The Roller Skating Business Resource Manual ("THE MANUAL") is a guide to opening and operating a skating rink. It was written in part by skate manufacturers, rink operators, and distributors. It is 75 pages long with many 2-3 page articles and also advertisements from companies that cater to the roller skating market. The cost of the book is $50 and if you mail the front cover back to us the $50 will be credited towards your initial rental skate order from Southeastern Skate Supply. The following is a brief outline of what subjects the book covers:

Feasibility Chart
Regional Skate Distributors
Ch 1 - Your Capital Investment
Ch 2 - The Building (includes several sketches of possible layouts)
Ch 3 - Flooring
Ch 4 - Skate Rental
Ch 5 - Sound and Lighting Systems
Ch 6 - The Snack Bar
Ch 7 - A Walk Down the Aisle
Ch 8 - The Rest Rooms
Ch 9 - The Retail Showroom
Ch 10 - Safety and Security
Ch 11 - Vending, Video, and Other Attractions
Ch 12 - Other Considerations (music licensing, office fixtures, facility maintenance, phone systems)
Ch 13 - Admissions
Ch 14 - Parties and Promotions
Ch 15 - Organized Roller Skating (classes and competitions)
Ch 16 - Trade Support (trade organizations and magazines)

This book DOES NOT tell you "everything you'll ever need to know" about building and owning a roller skating rink. It DOES give you some basic information, points you in the right direction, and gets you thinking about what's involved in building and owning a rink. If you're interested in ordering the manual you can do so online by clicking here or you can contact us with questions or to order over the phone.